Wait, Has Winnie Cooper Gotten Even Hotter?

Once upon a time, Danica McKellar won the hearts of boys across the world as the beautiful, compassionate and iconic Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. For a long time, Hollywood experts forecasted the actress could turn into the next big thing, but in the end, she decided to head in a different direction. She went to UCLA, co-authored a legitimate mathematical proof that’s actually used and wrote a slew of bestselling books aimed at getting women interested in algebra and geometry.

Via the occasional acting role (think West Wing and Big Bang Theory) and some video game voicework, she’s remained a part of the entertainment industry, but many observers haven’t always connected the dots that she was the girl who played Winnie Cooper. Earlier today, however, her picture exploded everywhere after photographs of her on the set of Avril Lavigne’s new video went viral.

You can take a look at one of the shots in question below, courtesy of her Twitter account

She’s obviously kept in great shape over the years. In fact, I’m not sure anyone could look at that picture and say she’s not still a very attractive woman, but there are more than a few fans who have taken the claim further. There are many who have been arguing all day on the Internet today that McKeller is actually more attractive as a thirty-seven-year-old woman than she was as an eighteen-year-old sex symbol on the last season of The Wonder Years.

You can take a look at her as Winnie circa 1993 below…

On the one hand, I can see where people are coming from. She has a certain maturity about her now that was completely absent as an eighteen-year-old on The Wonder Years. Once you remove the aggressive early 90s haircut and give her a little more confidence, it’s entirely possible she’s gotten better with age. On the other hand, however, there’s a reason why every single kid I knew growing up had a crush on Winnie. She seemed perfect in every single way, and there was something about her innocence that was just unbelievably sexy.

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