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Just because we know you were looking for a reason to be angry with Walmart today, we bring you this story straight out of Massachusetts involving a Brockton resident and very disgruntled iPad purchaser. Suzann Nassie recently went to the outlet to purchase one of Apple’s handy iPad devices only to find it had been replaced in the box with a fake piece of plastic meant to look like the real deal.

That’s more than an annoying inconvenience for a technology device that costs $499 to purchase, but an inconvenience the consumer would normally expect to be rectified in the store. However, when Nassie took the item back to the store and complained, the Walmart store refused to refund her for the item. According to WCVB , the lady returned to the store only 20 minutes after having purchased the item and showed up with a receipt. You would think the story would end there, but of course, it didn’t.

Despite being a fake product which lacked a charger and a cord, the Walmart manager refused to refund the woman’s purchase, stating she should “try to contact Apple” after realizing the woman had unwrapped the product. It sucks that the outlet was somehow duped, but the store should have a clear return policy for something like this that shouldn’t involve screwing over a customer. Nassie eventually contacted the local news, and someone from the outlet shot a phone call to the Walmart store which led to the store eventually caving on its initial response. Walmart’s never been known for its customer service, but this story is more than a little ridiculous, and you have to wonder how the outlet ended up with a sheet of plastic instead of an iPad in the first place.