Earlier this year, a group of tourists boarded a boat with a goal of seeing some whales. They did. More importantly, they also saw a pod of roughly 1,000 dolphins chase said whales in an angry, mass stampede.

Luckily for the owners and operators of Dolphin Safari, they, along with many of the people on board, were able to capture footage of the incident. The resulting compilation is currently racing around the Internet like one of the greatest commercials for whale watching/ dolphin safaris history. Go ahead and take a look at the footage below…

This video does a really nice job of showing the incredible scope of this stampede. You don’t really get a good sense of how expansive and chaotic it really is until the footage zooms out, exposing what very well could be 1,000 pissed off dolphins hellbent on putting a scare into the whales.

This just goes to show that if you get enough of any one type of animal, they can collectively scare the hell out of almost any other animal with a quick and coordinated charge. Here’s to hoping more videos like this emerge with strange and unusual animals teaming up.

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