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Watch This 26-Year-Old Hear For The First Time

Deep down, most of us are suckers for touching Internet videos. Between old men crying over Alabama tickets and dudes with Down Syndrome owning their own restaurants, we can’t get enough of heart-wrenching true life Internet stories. That’s why it shouldn’t come as the slightest bit of shock to anyone that this new video of a twenty-six-year-old deaf woman hearing for the first time is racing around the Internet.

Catherine Arnold’s niece, Amy, was born without the ability to hear. About six months ago, she was given a Cochlear implant for the first time, and her reactions were taped. Not surprisingly, hearing her parents and her six-year-old son’s voices for the first time were overwhelming, producing tears, smiles and plenty of fear. In the months since, the college graduate has reportedly worked hard on her speech and hearing abilities, but she still uses her lip reading skills in order to communicate with people in a group setting.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Amy as she wrestles with all the new challenges and opportunities that have come her way since gaining the ability to hear. If current medical research progresses, we may not have to worry about deafness in the future, but until that day, here's to hoping anyone who a Cochlear implant could help gets the opportunity to try it out.

Mack Rawden

Enthusiastic about Clue, case-of-the-week mysteries, the NBA and cookies at Disney World. Less enthusiastic about the pricing structure of cable, loud noises and Tuesdays.