Watch Adults Try Red Bull For The First Time

Okay, I'll totally admit that I hate energy drinks. I'm not sure if it's the shaky jitters I endure after taking just a couple sips of one, the off putting medicinal flavor, or the high cost that keeps me away. I would much rather nurse an iced coffee or soda than pound down these concoctions. But some people, they just love them. My best friend in college kept a fridge well-stocked with all the varieties. Even though I don't drink them, I've definitely tasted them before. So what happens when people who have somehow missed the beverage craze take a sip? Hilarity ensues.

In a video from Buzzfeed, four test subjects sample Red Bull for the first time. For one reason or another, each participant hadn't tried it before. A couple noted they avoid caffeine, sounding a little health conscious and skeptical to the benefits of the drinks. A guy who is from my "no energy drink" camp said he was sure it would not taste so great. Even though the group was not exactly looking forward to the taste test, they all grabbed the can and started drinking the energy-packed beverage.

My favorite reaction has to be from the blonde woman in the video. She makes a funny face, and asks “Have you ever had that?,” in disbelief that anyone could actually chug Red Bull and love it. One of the men described it as carbonated cough syrup. Another hilariously describes it as drinking whatever is inside of a highlighter. All in all, the test subjects agreed that the drink isn't as bad as they thought it was, and got better the more they sipped.

So the moral of the story is, maybe energy drinks aren't as scary as many folks think they are, myself included. While I won't be going and buying a case of Red Bull any time soon, I can appreciate the people who use its powers to knock out fifteen-page-long term papers or stay up all night at a party. I think I'll stick to my B vitamins and weak coffee though. I think it would be a danger to my wallet if I made the hop over to the energy drink craze.

In another video from Buzzfeed, watch Americans as they try Coca-Cola for the first time. I gotta say, it always shocks me when they find people who haven't tried classic staples that have lived in the States their whole lives, but the reactions are totally priceless. Check out the clip below.