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An Ataris concert in Asbury Park, New Jersey devolved into a brouhaha between band members over the weekend. The guys were on stage playing “Your Boyfriend Sucks” when the drummer made a few mistakes. Without a word, lead singer Kris Roe turned around, chucked his guitar at Rob Felicetti and knocked over his kit. Not surprisingly, footage of the crazy band drama founds its way onto YouTube almost immediately and quickly generated a ton of views. You can take a look at the madness below…

Obviously, that clip makes the singer look like a wildly overreacting jackass, but if you take it from him, there’s a whole lot more to the story. Apparently, the band members have been having problems with the drummer’s drinking for awhile, and prior to taking the stage, he supposedly boozed for a good six hours. After he missed a few cues and failed to keep rhythm properly, all the pent up anger and frustration just exploded—in the form of a guitar toss.

Here’s the explanation Roe and company put on YouTube. Be advised, it’s NSFW thanks to plenty of swear words…

I’m not normally one to buy into rock star excuses for misbehavior, but this explanation sounds believable enough. The backstory doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t have thrown a guitar, but it does explain why a seemingly innocuous incident go so out of hand so quickly.

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