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I’ve never been to a drive-by zoo, but if this video is to be taken as a representation, apparently the experience is exactly like it sounds. People load themselves into vehicles and drive around on a track looking at and feeding animals Jurassic Park style. On the plus side, that allows for a ton of up close interactions. On the negative side, that allows for a ton of up close interactions.

The give and take of that process is made pretty clear in the video embedded above. First uploaded to YouTube by user Timzer back in January and entitled “Bad Camel”, the footage has steadily been getting more popular and currently boasts more than three hundred thousand views. It features the title camel sticking his entire head inside a car after the people ran out of things to feed him. At one point, he even puts his entire mouth around the girl’s forehead.

Ordinarily, at this point in the article, I would express my sympathies for the little girl, but she looked like she was having a damn good time. She laughed up a storm during pretty much the entire ordeal, and she laughed ever harder when the camel strolled in front of their vehicle and took an Austin Powers/ A League Of Their Own-style pee.

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