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Popular YouTube magician Rahat has spent the past few years coming up with wild, inventive pranks designed to dupe drive thru workers. From floating cups to fake hands, he’s shocked people a lot of different ways, but I’m not sure he’s ever pulled off anything as bizarre and ingenious as his latest effort.

Wearing a specially designed car seat costume, the magician taped himself ordering food at a drive thru and rolling up to the window, tricking the unsuspecting workers into thinking the vehicle was either driving by itself or being operated by a ghost. Take a look at a compilation of the hilarious footage below…

As different as some of these reactions are, it’s amazing how almost everyone’s first impulse is to immediately tell a co-worker. It’s like they know no one else will believe the story without having seen the unoccupied car themselves. Come to think of it, that’s probably the right call too. If I worked with these people, I wouldn’t believe a story about a ghost vehicle either, unless, of course, they Instagramed that joint.

I have no idea what Rahat will think to do next to the drive thru workers in his area next, but if it’s anywhere near as wacky and inventive as this, we should all be in for a treat.