I'm a firm believer that cat videos are among the top reasons for the internet's greatness. YouTube has no shortage of them, but this cat video is a bit more subtle than a feline chasing a laser light or some other demonstration of cat's enthusiasm. In fact, the cat in question isn't really doing much, but its grumpy expression and tense posture as it's hassled by a bunch of chicks speaks highly of the kind of patience some cats demonstrate.

Jezebel shared the video below, which shows a cat cornered by a flock of adorable chicks. The cat does not seem amused or smitten by their furry cuteness.

The video comes via the CatsChanel YouTube page, with no description or background information mentioned.

I'm not even sure I'd find this video to be as funny as I do - considering the cat's non-reaction to the chicks, apart from occasional blinking - had I not witnessed a similar reaction from my own cat recently. My cat Lily is playful, friendly and relatively unruffled by dogs, vacuums and other things that tend to send some cats under the nearest bed, so I figured she'd be fine with a "playdate" with my nephews (the youngest is approaching 2 and the oldest, not yet six). I soon saw my cat's tolerance tested as my youngest nephew had her cornered and proceeded to lovingly smear gingerbread-house-frosting into her otherwise clean, orange fur. Lily huddled against the wall with a very similar expression to the cat in the above video, visibly irritated but composed, likely realizing that the onset of annoyingness does not warrant a violent reaction in spite of the fact that she is not happy or comfortable.

Needless to say, Lily's visit with the nephews was brief, and she was later rewarded with a few Pounce for her patience.

So, with my own cat's experience with innocent but enthusiastic younglings in mind, I give the above cat credit for keeping its paws and claws tucked beneath it, even as a couple of them pecked at its whiskers. Someone give that cat a Pounce.

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