With much of the country blanketed in snow and the freezing weather showing no signs of letting up in most parts, now is the perfect time for a compilation of winter fails, and luckily for all of us, the nice people over at The Poke are keenly aware of that. Earlier this week, they rolled out a highlight reel entitled “The People vs Winter”, and it’s already generated more than fifty thousand views from cold human beings looking for people to commiserate with.

From cars to broadcasters to random people, nothing is immune from winter’s sense of humor. Take a look at the hilarity below…

There’s something about snow and ice that make people fall in hilariously unusual ways. As children, most of us learn how to put our hands out when we slip, but with the snowy twists and turns, our natural instincts are thrown off, leading to plenty of ugly bruises.

The people who put this clip together really knew their way around an editing room. All of the individual shots are the perfect lengths. They’re assembled in the right order, and the music that accompanies them really helps to build the hilarious momentum throughout. Given the goofy subject matter, this montage likely would have been watchable without all of those details, but thanks to those specifics, this is like one of the better compilations any of us will watch this year.

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