Just because some dogs are terrible at problem solving doesn’t mean all dogs are terrible at problem solving. At least that’s what the German Weimaraner proves in this awesome video about frisbee retrival.

Well aware she’s not allowed inside the pool, the dog in this clip uses her brain and her paws to slowly move the Frisbee closer to the edge until she can perilously dangle most of her body into the pool and grab it without falling in. The whole process take about a minute, is extremely entertaining and hinges on more brain power than many little children would be able to muster.

The clip in question was first uploaded by YouTube user Hundeallerlei back in October, but over the past few weeks, it’s really hit a new level of popularity. Now, more than two hundred and twenty-five thousand people have viewed it, and in the coming days, that figure should doggie paddle its way even higher.

If you’re looking for the easiest way possible to produced a viral video, the best way to start is to buy an animal and start filming it. There are users out there who will excitedly watch dogs or cats do almost anything. Consequently, when they’re caught legitimately doing something awesome, like in this video, all hell tends to break loose.

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