Metal heads, prepare to have your face melted with one of the most serene string instruments known to man. Often reserved for Hawaiian Luau’s and hipster girls trying to get noticed, the ukulele has been transformed into an instrument of destruction thanks to this dude in the above video who uses it to play Slayer. He blasts through a cover of “War Ensemble” in devastating fashion and makes something that is not at all easy, look beyond simple. The fact that he was able to play the whole thing without laughing at the ridiculousness of it all is a feat all by itself!

Playing a ukulele is not easy. If you have fat fingers it’s nearly impossible, and if you have average fingers one wrong move on the fret can make a sweet pluck sound like an absolute disaster. I give all the credit to the guy who made this video because the amount of patience you would need to complete a five minute song on an instrument not suited for metal guitar playing is inhuman. Even the most virtuoso of guys would stumble over a song that has easily a thousand strumming motions throughout its length. The arm cramp you would have after playing a five minute song on the ukulele alone would sway me from even attempting!

Don’t even get me started on when he begins headbanging and showboating. Rob Scallon is some sort of guitar god gracing us with the presence of web videos. Among other things you can credit him too: simultaneous kick drum and guitar playing, playing a song backwards, thirty songs in one minute, and a cover of System Of A Down’s “Chop Suey” on the cello. It’s as awesome as it sounds, trust me.

That’s not all this guy can do by the way, he’s also an accomplished songwriter. His page is full of original tunes that in my opinion deserve a major label release at some point. Of these songs, I’m sharing one of my favorites, "Anchor", which is one of those awesome songs for long night drives. I mean you can play it whenever, I’m just trying to set a mood for you. Check him out!

See? Pretty damn good, right? Now someone go sign this guy to a major label. He's just waiting to make you a stupid amount of money.

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