I used to think there was no wrong way to kill a spider. From rolled up newspapers to magazines to paper towels to bare hands, people prefer different methods, and before watching this video, I used to think all of them were probably legit. Not so. Certain ways to kill a spider are apparently wrong.

That’s what YouTube user Big Nick Brother4 recently found out when he noticed a giant spider in his bathroom, rummaged through his drawers and picked out the worst possible instrument to kill the invader: brass knuckles. You don’t need me to tell you his plan didn’t end well. Take a look at the stupidity below…

The best part of this video is easily him screaming for his mother at the end. He’s well aware he screwed up. He mentally goes through all the ways he could quickly fix it, realizes there’s no way to immediately make this better and decides to just fess up and get the mistake off his chest. Everyone has been in that exact position before. The only thing different about this exchange is that poor Nick is a whole lot older.

The next time you wander into the bathroom, spot a spider and wonder how best to get your killing on, remember the lesson learned here. Sometimes the methods most commonly used are used for a reason.

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