Watch This Fat Hamster Stuff His Fat Face

Who woulda thunk watching a hamster chowing down on carrots could be so entertaining? In this video we relearn what we first learned back in grade school. Hamsters can hold an insane amount of food in their cheeks. Well, not really an insane amount, I can get four carrots in my mouth, but for a hamster that’s huge. While the video is hilarious, I can’t help but feel bad for our carrot eating star.

Clearly this hamster prides itself on being cute. It’s well groomed, with the hair out of the eye. Overall, it looks pretty in shape as far as hamsters go. So then you can imagine the humiliation when the master pulls out a camera during the most intimate part of its day. The hamster pauses, not wishing to indulge, but his eyes show the hunger pangs he’s felt a majority of the day. Shamelessly he shoves carrot after carrot until his mouth looks like The Elephant Man. Shamed, saddened, and wishing to be alone, the hamster attempts to make a break from the spotlight only to find he is trapped in a glass case of emotion.

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Poor guy, it’s not his fault his natural instinct is to store as much food as possible in his pouches. By the way here’s a good time to remind you (not that you already didn’t know) that hamsters exist in the wild, which is why this is such a handy little tool for them to utilize. Crazy other fast fact, hamsters have been known to store their babies in their own cheeks. It should come as no surprise then that hamsters have been known to eat their own babies. Am I killing the cute factor? Let’s go back to the video.

I can’t be the only person who cringed at the final seven seconds of the video. Why did everything turn into some random banjo hoe down in the final seconds of an otherwise perfect video? I understand the uploader of this content is likely of foreign origin due to the confusing lettering in both the title and description, but language and cultural barriers aside, it’s just not funny. It actually kind of ticked me off a bit, and now I’m angrily ranting over some stupid banjo music at the end of a video. What has my life become?

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