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Outside of middle schoolers and actual sex workers, I’m not sure there’s anyone capable of having more fun with the new .xxx web addresses than Conan. The comedian and late night host practically thinks in raunchy titles and upsetting double entendres, and now that he has his own .xxx site, it’s a wonder he gets any non-sexual work done.

For his latest Conan.XXX endeavor, he’s tapped Will Ferrell to play the lead in a short called “Big Dick, Little Chicks”. It’s funny, mean-spirited and definitely worth a look. Go ahead and watch the embed below, which is definitely a better call than searching “Big Dick, Little Chicks” into the Google Videos section…

This is what makes Ferrell so great. He’s literally up for anything. I wish I had been listening in on the phone call when Conan pitched this wild idea and the former SNL star just immediately said yes. I’m sure it was instantaneous. Plus, with The Campaign ready to hit theaters tomorrow, yelling at chickens probably seemed like a good easy way to get some free promotion. Mission accomplished.

To catch more of Conan’s XXX videos, you can watch his show nightly on TBS.

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