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If you were a marketing executive and wanted to explain just how powerful your new garbage truck is, you could talk about characteristics like pressure per square inch, hopper capacity and weight. You could outline all of the tangible numbers to potential buyers and hope the sheer aggression is conveyed. Or you could procure yourself an old automobile, load it inside the garbage truck and let the power more vividly translate to every single viewer watching.

Recently, manufacturers New Way decided to go with the latter approach to showcase the brand new Cobra Magnum Real Loader, and not surprisingly, the test went over exactly as expected. Numerous machinists showed up to watch the carnage firsthand, and the entire car was eaten in less than two minutes.

Footage of the garbage truck vs car encounter was quickly uploaded by New Way onto the Internet, and it’s been racing around among people who like watching heavy machinery in action, which, believe it or not, is a far more expansive demographic than you might think. There’s no word on how many extra trucks New Way may have sold because of this clip, but something tells me that number is higher than zero.

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