A good end of the year montage video can make any sport or activity look positively riveting. From Scrabble to skateboarding, if it’s done correctly, it should make viewers at least briefly consider watching the subject matter more. Given I’m now trying to figure out what channels air ping pong, I think Table Tennis Daily’s 2012 rewind video is pretty damn successful example of that.

Set up in a ten best of the year format, every single entry is significantly cooler than the greatest table tennis shot you ever hit as a child, and some of the rallies feature multiple shots I’m still trying to process. Take a look at the awesomeness below…

On the list of sports to be among the best in the world at, most of us would not put table tennis very high. It’s not particularly popular in the States. It’s not as lucrative as basketball, football or a half dozen others, but I’m still jealous of these dudes who reached this level of athletic awesomeness at least for one brief moment. Some of them play it off like they knew what they were doing all along, and some of them celebrate like they just accomplished something wildly lucky. Regardless, Pop Blend’s hat tips toward everyone involved.

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