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Barring some outrageous personal life scandal, there are typically only two reasons local news anchors and reporters make the national news: either the network decides to broadcast the local feed across the country during the immediate aftermath of a tragedy before it can get its big guns up to speed or a hilarious on-air gaffe involving foul language, nudity or bickering goes viral. The following montage is an example of the latter case.

Apparently, two of the local CBS employees in Philadelphia despise each other, and they have no interest in hiding their problems. In fact, the friction got so bad between anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson that a viewer decided to go over old footage and create a hilarious highlight reel of the more pointed exchanges.

I think my favorite is probably the argument in which Nicole tells Carol the monkey puns are entirely wasted on her, but really, any of these moments must have made for hysterical television for the viewers watching them live. After all, as Saturday Night Live castmembers have found out for decades, there’s nothing better than watching a carefully constructed live show slowly fall apart.

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