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When I was growing up, I had a friend who was less than sure-handed. In fact, not only did he positively suck at baseball, he had the horrendous habit of dropping things he was carrying. He was like a human highlight film of embarrassing moments, but in all my years of watching his fuck-ups, I never saw him come close to causing as much property damage as happens in this short video.

First published over at Live Leak and later featured on Reddit, the above clip was taken from security camera footage inside a liquor store. A clerk is sitting on the ground realigning the inventory and possibly counting supply, and two girls are lazily looking at all of the different alcohol options for the evening when suddenly, damn near every bottle falls off the shelf and smashes, creating an instant multi-colored, Willy Wonka-like river of alcoholic wonder.

No estimates have been released as far as how much money in inventory was lost, but I would say we’re comfortably in the four digits and may even be approaching five digits. Even worse, there doesn’t seem to be a good candidate to blame. Yes, the clerk was fooling with the supply on the bottom shelf, but it doesn’t seem like he bumped into anything or acted reckless in anyway. It just seems like the shelf decided it had enough and gave out, which created an almost Rube Goldberg-like effect.

Whenever videos taken inside businesses go viral, I always hope they’re examples of incredible efficiency. Unfortunately, this one is an example of the opposite.

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