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Given how frequently they run, people typically wait at a specific subway stop for the next arrival rather than frantically running to the next stop in order to catch a train they just missed, but apparently in France, if someone is determined enough and athletic enough, either choice works. At least that’s what this crazy French guy proved when he slapped on a helmet camera, got off the subway, made his way above ground, sprinted several blocks, ran back into the subway and boarded the exact same train at the next stop just before the doors closed.

Thanks to a slew of helpers and plenty of planning, the fascinating feat was recorded from almost every angle. Take a look at the impressiveness below…

I’m typically not a fan of split screens and multiple cameras, but using them was the right call with this video. They help to give a sense of perspective in terms of how fast he’s really moving, which serves as a nice counterbalance to how leisurely and slow the subway ride itself is.

I have no idea why this guy decided to take on the subway challenge, but more than likely, it will produce plenty of copycats who try and accomplish the same feat using their own city’s public transit system.

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