If you feel like getting yelled at for an hour, you should strongly consider telling a group of cheerleaders that they’re not participating in a real sport. At least a few of the participants will loudly and aggressively tell you otherwise, and if they’re smart, they will show you the above video as proof.

Just because many cheerleaders are doing the same boring cartwheels we’ve all seen before doesn’t mean all cheerleaders are behaving likewise. In fact, there are many male and female tumblers currently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and some of it is quite breathtaking and closer to what we’d see at the Olympics than at a high school during an athletic event.

The video in question was put together by Cheer Sounds, and it’s basically a montage. It flashes back and forth between some of the craziest feats of balancing and coordination I’ve ever seen. I’m no expert on cheerleading competitions, but honestly, this footage makes me want to sit down and watch one. Or at least sit down and watch Bring It On.

If you feel like watching some more insane cheerleading, you can check out the following video of the Grambling Tigers doing their thing…

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