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A year ago, Jessica Simpson was pregnant and promoting her NBC fashion competition series, Fashion Star. A year later, she was shooting an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! when the reality star and pop singer accidentally slipped out her new baby’s gender. As it turns out, it’s a boy!

Simpson was pleasantly bantering with Kimmel when she made a crude joke about getting sick with a “wiener” inside her, when she realized her slip. It was a weird joke and Kimmel didn’t even seem to register what Simpson meant. You can check out the bizarre interaction in the video, below, at just after the one-minute mark.

Luckily, the singer later stated her family and friends already knew about the pregnancy, so at least she had the opportunity to tell them first. Kimmel asked Simpson if she was going with the name Ace, but as far as that rumor goes, Simpson was able to keep her lips sealed.

Announcing she is going to have a son may have been a pretty big flub on the part of the Fashion Star host, but she is by no means the only celebrity to have ever made that mistake. In fact, Kate Middleton recently cut herself off just before stating she would save a teddy bear for her “da…” the other day, which means she is more than likely having a little girl. If I had accidentally admitted the sex of my kid on network television, I would hope it happened on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, too.

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