You know what’s annoying? When you’re trying to think of the word for something but it’s just not coming to you. You know what’s not annoying? When you refer to something that actually has a name by describing it with multiple words because you didn’t know about said name. For it to be annoying, you would need to realize there was something you were missing. Unfortunately, after watching the above video, you will now have forty-eight different strange terms to forget in the future.

The official title for the video in question, which was put together by Mental Floss, is 48 Names For Things You Didn’t Know Had Names. That’s a pretty big mouthful, but given the insane lengths the Internet show goes to think about wordplay, I’m extremely confident that was the point. The whole thing is very entertaining, and it can probably best be summed up in one word: glabella. That’s the technical name for the space in between your eyebrows, and while the word isn't excessively complicated or hard to pronounce, it’s just not very well known.

I’m always a total sucker for conversations about animals; so, my favorite part of the video is definitely the discussion at the end concerning all the names for groups of animals. I can’t get over that a large number of ravens is called an unkindness. That’s so offensive and yet strangely perfect.

If you’re looking for some more animal-related Mental Floss greatness, you can check out the video below. It features 26 weird and creepy animal mating habits, and it’s an exciting combination of off-putting and fascinating.

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