Have you ever gotten a mystery flavored Dum Dum and become excited about the craziness that might be hidden inside? Bad news. It turns out the flavor is actually a whole lot less mysterious than you may have imagined. The taste is created when the machine only has a little bit of one flavor left; so, the Dum Dum is completed by using the next flavor in line. It must be sobering to know you’ll never magically get a brownie and almond mix, but nonetheless, you’re better off knowing that and the other thirty-seven facts that make up this week’s Mental Floss video about, you guessed it, candy.

Fittingly titled 38 Sweet Facts About Candy, host John Green takes us through many of our favorites, spitting out white hot fact bombs. Some of them are genuinely interesting such as Three Musketeers is named such because it once came in three flavors, and some of them are very disturbing such as enough candy corn is made each year to wrap around the world more than four times (Gross).

One interesting takeaway from this video is just how much tastes have changed in candy over the years and just how much the manufacturing process has been altered. It used to take a peep twenty-seven hours to go through the manufacturing process. Now, it takes a whopping six minutes, which is a good thing since the world needs millions of those little babies just for the Easter season.

If you feel like checking out some more Mental Floss, you can check out the video below on odd medical conditions

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