Earlier this month, YouTube user Denmoff77 was filming his daughter when she spotted the moon. Excited, she pointed it out to her father, and he asked her if she could jump up and catch it. She gave it a valiant go, but not surprisingly to everyone over the age of four, she wasn’t quite able to leap high enough. Now the adorable footage is racing around the Internet.

Take a look at the touching family bonding experience below…

First of all, this little girl looks like a pink explosion. If she was a model on Project Runway, her designer would definitely be going home, and Nina would question his or her “taste level”. Second of all, she needs to work on her jumping abilities. There’s no way she could have made it to the moon, but she needs to at least work on bringing her hands over her head when she leaps. Most importantly of all, however, she is beyond adorable and seems like a great kid. Her parents must have a good time hanging out with her everyday.

Here’s to hoping this little girl is eventually able to reach her moon, whatever that goal turns out to be.

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