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Apart from breathing, blinking and a few other natural things our bodies inherently know how to do, we’re completely blank slates when we’re born. We basically need to be taught how to do everything, but humorously, we don’t always accept the knowledge we’re given. Instead, we often need to try to do things our own way, which is the same impulse that leads some people to make amazing, world-changing discoveries and others to eat a dandelion.

The above video starts with a girl explaining to a kid how to blow on a dandelion and make a wish. After her very clear explanation, she demonstrates blow-by-blow exactly how to do it before handing a second dandelion to the little kid to try. Unfortunately, he either wasn’t paying attention at all or decided to try things his own way because instead of blowing on it, he puts it straight into his mouth and bites down, much to the surprise of the camerawoman who never saw it coming.

Ordinarily, it takes most cute videos put up by random people weeks, months or even years to start building true viral steam, but this clip has only been up about a week, and it’s already passing the five thousand view mark. That might not sound like a ton compared to a channel like V Sauce or Mental Floss, but for someone who has never gotten more than one thousand views on a video, that’s an enormous number achieved very quickly.

If you feel like watching some more adorable footage of children, you can check out this sweet time lapse video of a kid playing with his dad…

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