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Animals learn how to behave from their parents. In the absence of parents, they turn to anyone who can competently raise them, whether that be a human being or in the case of this deer, a sheep.

A few weeks back, the deer in question got separated from the herd and stumbled upon about one hundred of shepherd Andrew Capell’s sheep. Without any other options, he began spending all of his time with the flock, and now, the sheep seem to have accepted the lost animal as one of their own. Take a look at the adorable footage below…

I really wish I knew what these animals were thinking. For example: does the deer think he’s just duped the flock into thinking he’s actually a sheep, or does he know they’re aware he’s an outsider and have still accepted him? Do the sheep secretly have a problem with the deer being there and are just letting it go to be nice, or do they genuinely like the new addition to the flock?

Animal experts are hopeful the deer will be able to rejoin the herd whenever they wander by in the future, but whether that happens or not, it’s nice to know there will always be a place inside the flock for the faux sheep.