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No one has mastered the drive thru prank quite like Rahat. The popular YouTube magician has tricked workers into thinking he’s invisible and tricked workers into thinking he’s Chucky from Child’s Play. Now, thanks to the help of a specially designed headless costume, he’s back with arguably his greatest goof yet.

Disguised as a hungry and headless customer, Rahat orders something from the drive thru, pulls around with money already in one outstretched hand and waits for the screams. Damn near every person who sees him goes completely apeshit and the majority even call over their careworkers to make sure their eyes aren’t playing tricks on them.

Say what you will about traditional magic, but the serious upshot here is that it takes people a few seconds to realize they’re being pranked. Some of these poor people’s initial reaction is to think they’ve actually just seen a decapitated man with money in his hand, except, of course, the one baller who nods his head in solemn agreement and lets the magician know how truly awesome this gag is.

I have no idea what Rahat will try and do to top this, but if history is any indication, he’ll come up with something.