Minnesota is widely known for its almost stunning natural beauty, but recently, the scenic landscape did its best to top itself with a breathtaking display of chandeliering, a very rare scientific process that’s among the most beautiful and utterly bizarre things nature has in its bag of tricks.

In short, chandeliering is the depositing of splintered shards of ice on the edge of a body of water. It happens when the weather gets warm very quickly and causes a frozen lake to thaw, split into large piles of ice and those very same ice piles to then splinter and be taken by the current and pushed onto the ground. According to KARE 11, which obtained a copy of the above video, the chandeliering occurred in Plymouth, Minnesota on Saturday on the shores of Medicine Lake. A similar case also happened a little less than twenty years ago on the shores of Lake Mille Lacs, and the locals claim it took front end loaders to haul all of the ice away. As that was before the Internet was widely used, however, it’s unclear how much of an exaggeration that might be.

Those of us who live in cities can sometimes get disconnected from parts of the country that are a little less touched by the hand of humanity. Luckily, videos like this come along to remind us how incredible the world around us truly is.

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