You'd think the humane thing to do when catching a mouse is to set it free, rather than giving it the less figurative boot or letting the cat toss it around until it gives up and dies, or scampers back into whatever crevice it creeped out of. Of course, setting it loose exposes it to the dangers of nature, and nature can be a real beast. Just watch what happens to this little mouse shortly after its set free.

It's actually not clear from the video whether the mouse in question is the guy's pet or just a mouse that's been pestering him at home, but the fact that he's using a trashcan to transport it to its new home makes me think he caught it and is setting it loose in the wild. Though he does refer to it as "Whiskers" so maybe it's his pet. Either way, the little guy gets about thirty seconds of freedom before it fully joins the food chain.

There's always the chance this is fake (especially coming about a month after the phony baby-snatching eagle video), but it looks real enough. You can even see the mouse run across the path behind the guy before the hawk swoops down and takes his dinner to go. The only reason why I'd question whether or not the video's legit is because I'm not sure why they'd be filming this in the first place. But the guy's reaction is pretty funny regardless.

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