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The above magic trick is extremely complicated. It requires a ton of prep work, an ideal location, a girl in a freaky old time costume, an easy to use phone with good recording equipment and a magician who can keep a straight face. Luckily for viewers, however, its basic premise is remarkably easy to understand. A magician asks an unsuspecting pedestrian to take a picture, and when said pedestrian aims the camera, he or she sees an incredibly creepy ghost/ zombie little girl walk in front of the subject.

The trick was conceived by magician Jack Vale, and as you can tell from the above video, it got exactly the type of reactions he was looking for. More than a few people scream, and every single last person is left dumbfounded. In a way, that’s the sign of a perfect trick. These people don’t even realize they’ve been tricked. Most of them think either they didn’t see what they actually saw or somehow a scary little girl was able to amble across the screen and then scurry away without them seeing her in the flesh. It’s brilliant, and not surprisingly, it’s racking up YouTube views at a pretty solid rate.

People often think about YouTube as a great way to discover random, unheralded singers, but the process works much the same way for magicians too. There are dozens of creative and talented performers out there with unique and mesmerizing ideas worth being heard.

If you feel like watching some more magic, you can check out the hilarious video below which features a magician dressed up to look like a car seat…

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