Watch This Poor Girl Almost Die Twerking

There are few things more embarrassing than a roommate coming home at exactly the wrong moment. That’s why many teenagers and twenty-somethings either send out a text or leave a little clue to try and prevent awkward situations before they happen. Unfortunately, no system is perfect, and this video is a pretty good example of that.

Recently, random chick Caitlin Heller decided to make a video of herself twerking for her boyfriend. For the first few seconds, her attempt went pretty well, but once she propped herself up against the door to twerk upside down, it all went downhill. Her roommate got home at that exact moment, opened the door and knocked her directly into the glass coffee table. It shattered and even worse, the display of candles caught her pants on fire.

The footage is so compelling some are convinced it might be an elaborate hoax. That’s entirely possible. The Internet is filled with brilliant fakes, but until we hear otherwise, I’m going to go on believing this one is legit. After all, considering there’s no commercial before the footage, there’s no monetary reason for this seemingly sane woman to set herself on fire. Besides, thanks to Miley Cyrus and her wild Video Music Awards antics, the number of girls making videos like this has increased exponentially. Even the Oxford English Dictionary recently added twerk to its roster.

Considering this girl uploaded the video, we can be reasonably sure she a) put out the fire and b) has a good sense of humor about it. Something tells me she’ll take a few more precautions before shaking her booty on film again, but if that’s the worst thing to come out of this, I think she should count herself pretty lucky. After all, she could have wound up in the hospital or been forced to put in a renter’s insurance claim.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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