Have you ever looked back on some things you did when you were younger and wondered how you’re still alive? Something tells me these Russian dudes are going to feel that way in about ten or fifteen years. Armed with gloves and weeds, the guys went out to a local radio transmitter tower and rigged up a hillbilly way to listen to some music.

Not surprisingly, footage of the incident has gone viral, though hopefully it hasn’t found its way to any of these boys’ mothers. You can take a look at the clip below…

I wonder if these dudes just keep a camera on them at all times or if they tried this before, figured out it works and brought a camera back to have another go. It’s probably the latter, but hopefully, now that they’ve gotten their shot and a ton of publicity in the process, they can go back to doing more normal stupid activities like pulling each other in sleds behind a car or trying to down hot sauce without having any water for an extended period of time.

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