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Watch Sharon Osbourne Discuss New Grandbaby On The Talk

Pop Blend was pretty excited to hear Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly finally had a healthy little girl. We were even more excited the baby was not given an over the top and completely egotistical celebrity name. Instead, the couple opted for the quirky and cute Pearl, perfect for the 8 lb. and 6 ounce cutie pie. Sharon Osbourne took off work Wednesday for the big event, but today she was back in her less-than-comfy looking chair on The Talk to gush over her very first grandbaby.

The new grandmother called the new arrival “healthy and gorgeous” and spoke out about her experiences with the little family in the delivery room.

“It’s like a new life. It’s just there’s nothing like it nothing like to witness it.”

Osbourne is an extremely affable and animated 59 year-old. Seeing her talk about baby Pearl and a birthing experience the whole family went through could be a little weird, but instead it’s a sentimental affair, replete with talk of laughing and crying.

“In occasions like that you go through the whole rollercoaster of emotions, everything, appreciation...everybody cried, laughed, everything.”

Congrats are in order to all of the Osbourne family. We can’t wait to see what crazy gifts Sharon lauds on the new child in the coming months. This could totally get interesting.