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San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is a man of few words. The sixty-four-year-old is widely regarded as the smartest mind in all of basketball, but when it comes to playing the game that comes with being a popular NBA personality, no one has ever accused the man of being Charles Barkley or even Kobe Bryant.

That less than flamboyant personality has been transferred to most of his players on the Spurs (who just advanced to the NBA Finals), and it was on full display over the weekend when he gave an interview with Doris Burke that can only be described as terse. In fact, he only said two words during the entire exchange that lasted a hilariously brief fifteen seconds.

As Craig Sager can attest to, getting a long quote out of Popovich is damn near impossible, but luckily for whoever does the NBA Finals, I’m not sure there’s anywhere to go but up after this. Besides, it’s not like he’s openly hostile. He’s just truly horrible television, which might be amusing for hardcore basketball fans but definitely doesn’t drive executives in the league office wild.

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