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Earth is an incredibly fascinating place filled with an almost uncountable number of species. Its conditions are constantly altered by an almost uncountable number of evolving factors, and even given a billion years of study, human beings will never learn the mysteries it entails. Humorously, however, it’s incredibly simple compared to the larger universe.

If ever proof was needed to that concept, the above video offers it. Simulated to resemble what telescopes like the Herschel Space Observatory see, the footage depicts two massive galaxies colliding and merging over the period of 1.5 billion years. It’s chaotic. It’s beautiful. It’s so many times larger than us we can’t even begin to comprehend its size.

This is why, despite all of the reasons not to do it, the idea of space travel remains so appealing to such a large percentage of people. We haven’t the slightest idea about what’s really out there. Mergers like this are a dime a dozen, no doubt. In our lifetimes, we’ll likely never see it, but generations and generations down the line, our ancestors will witness some crazy shit, and to them, I say push further.

Here’s to hoping science continues pushing forward at a breakneck speed.

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