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Watch: The Tonight Show Recaps 2012 With A JibJab Video

It's been a long year. Between Gangnam Style, the election, and more celebrity gossip than many of us want to admit we paid attention to, 2012 was full of memorable pop culture moments. Technically, the year isn't over, but since there's still that chance the Mayans were right about the whole end of the world thing, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno took a look back at the year's highlights and lowlights with a JibJab video.

From fiscal cliffs to Fifty Shades of Grey and Honey Boo Boo to Star Wars' planned sequels and Snooki's baby and of course, all of the politics this fall, the video below, which comes from JibJab, references many of 2012's biggest talking points in pop culture.

It's a fun recap of the last year, making light of a few serious subjects, including some of the notable deaths this year, but mainly focusing on pop-culture, politics, the Olympics, a few scandals, celebrity gossip and lighter topics. If nothing more, the video might make us look back and realize just how much happened this year. Or it'll make you want to go create a funny JibJab eCard. Those dancing elf ones (opens in new tab) are usually good for a laugh.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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