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Watch Usher Testify About Fight Between Wife And Girlfriend

Usher’s legal battles with ex-wife Tameka Raymond should have been remarkably simple. The couple was only married for two years, and a very detailed prenuptial agreement was reportedly signed prior to the wedding. Thus, the only real issue to hammer out was custody of the children, and almost immediately, the two agreed to share. With nothing else on the table, it should have been over quick, but now, more than three years after parting, they’re still fighting over anything and everything.

The concern this time is child custody. Tameka recently told a judge Usher was an unfit parent. He obviously denied the charge, and they’ve been airing their dirty laundry in court ever since. Earlier today, the singer made his latest appearance on the witness stand, and this time, he recounted an argument that supposedly ended with Tameka trying to fight his new girlfriend, spitting on her and throwing food at his car. TMZ was able to get its hands on the footage, and you can take a look at it below…

You can tell, deep down, he knows everything about this story is like a Real Housewives episode, but he gamely maintains his composure and works his way through the incident. There’s really no point in editorializing on the witness stand. Besides, if this actually happened, Tameka’s actions would seem to speak for themselves.

Here’s to hoping this legal action ends sooner rather than later, allowing the kids to grow up without their parents hating on each other in public.

Mack Rawden

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