For a drummer, the phrase "not missing a beat" probably takes a much more literal meaning. Weezer's Patrick Wilson appears to take that to heart in the above video, which has unsurprisingly gone viral, and shows the drummer quickly snatching a rogue frisbee out of the air, tucking it into his mouth and continuing the song without, well, missing a beat. Because Weezer is that kind of awesome.

The above video went viral on Instagram, and Weezer has since offered their own visual of Pat's epicfrisbee catch from the drum-cam perspective:

It's even more awesome from that angle, especially because you can hear the drums even better, not to mention the roar of the crowd as Rivers Cuomo continues singing "Beverly Hills." According to the Weezer post, this epic catch happened on June 6. It looks like they were in St. Augustine, FL that day. What a treat for what was likely an already pretty great concert, factoring in the featured band, of course. Take their picture by the pool, 'cause they're the next big thing.

I had the pleasure of seeing them play at Comic-Con last year. Even when no one catches a frisbee in the middle of the song, a Weezer concert is still a pretty awesome experience.

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