Children and teenagers with disabilities, whether mental or physical, simply want to be included. They want to feel like they’re on the same team with their peers, which is why serving as an assistant on a basketball team can be a perfect job. That’s what an El Paso high school student name Mitchell found out over the past few years. So, during his final game, his coach decided to put him in to see if he could achieve his goal of scoring two points.

His first few attempts didn’t go so well, and it seemed like the clock would run out before he would get another shot attempt when an opposing player decided to do something unexpected. The outcome of the game was no longer in doubt; so, he passed the kid the ball to give him one final shot. Take a look at a CBS news story about the touching incident below…

What a great way to reward someone for years of dedication. The last minute of a blowout basketball game might be considered garbage time, but for this kid, it was his NBA Finals. It’s nice to see everyone in the stands had the courtesy to treat it like such too.

There are ways to include kids with disabilities without altering the enjoyment level of everyone else, and this is a perfect example of how to do it. Kudos to everyone involved.

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