Water Helped Diagnose Colin Farrell's Son With Happy Puppet Syndrome

All parents want their children to be born into this world mentally and physically well. But, for those parents who’s children have mental or physical disabilities, it can be a tough road to travel. Colin Ferrell, actor and father, has a son who suffers from a mental disability. With recent news, he now understands his son’s condition better.

The Fright Night star was always fascinated by his son’s obsession with water. This aspect of his son’s life has helped doctors diagnose him with what they believe is the neurological-genetic condition, Angelman Syndrome. More commonly known as Happy Puppet Syndrome, the disorders symptoms are: developmental delay, seizures, and a triggered happiness towards simple things; like water.

Doctors initially misdiagnosed Farrell’s son with Cerebral Palsy, but with his joyful reactions towards the aquatic, it caused one doctor to take a second look at the child’s condition. During a rare interview with Ellen De Generes on Friday May 13th, Farrell explained his son’s obsession to America:

James is kind of obsessed with water... He's not a great swimmer but he just loves being close to it and in and around it. It's one of the characteristics of the condition that James has. So if James, like, gets upset at home I can get a pot and put some water in it... There's something really profound about it.

Simply put, water calms his son’s temper when he can’t, because he is mentally fixated with it. Farrell explains it’s helpful for a father to understand his son’s mental condition, so that it can bring normalcy towards life, even when it seems so distant. With his movie Horrible Bosses coming out soon, we can all assume this news has helped Farrell's morale in many ways. The actor also explains that this reveal to the world has already helped numerous parents with children who suffer from Angelman Syndrome “When I spoke about it first… a lot of people got their children correctly diagnosed as a result of just this little interview I did with an Irish newspaper.”