We're Not Young: Fun. Song Inspires A Parody About Getting Older

At present, Fun.’s “We Are Young” is likely an anthem for those who are feeling young, carefree and immortal. Or it’s a “Stunt Anthem” for Chevy Sonic. I suppose it depends on the context in which you’re listening to it. And now it seems it’s the inspiration for those who are beyond the years of setting the world on fire and burning brighter than the sun.

Yahoo’s “We’re Not Young” turns “We Are Young” into an amusing anthem about lack of motivation and the anxiety, frustration and disappointment for those who are realizing they’re approaching 40 and aren’t anywhere near where they thought they’d be.

“Now I know that I’m fat. Shut up about that. I guess I’ll do elliptical. Maybe I can finally do that yoga class. But I probably won’t. HDTV. Gonna stay at home and watch Modern Family.”

Hey. Modern Family’s a good show.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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