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Old Spice has never been a company that plays it safe with marketing. In fact, the basic idea behind most of the promotional spots seems to be to confuse, bewilder and tickle the curiosity of viewers. After a few airings, most of the commercials seem pretty catchy and amusing, but no matter how many times I watch Old Spice’s newest, I don’t think I’ll ever wrap my head around a why. And apparently, neither can anyone else on the Internet.

During last night’s airing of the 49ers and Packers game, no less than seven people on my Twitter timeline sent out tweets asking what in the hell they just saw immediately after the above Old Spice commercial ran, and given the topic has been burning up Google News all day, I would say the people I follow and their collective confusion was not a strange anomaly.

In just the past few days, the commercial has generated more than one million views, and since people still watch sports live, it was definitely seen by millions more yesterday on their televisions.

The most basic goal of any advertising campaign is to convert viewers into buyers. The way that’s done, more often than not, is to generate conversation, and while this commercial certainly doesn’t make me any more likely to buy Old Spice, it assumedly will convince some people to give the flavor a try, ideally those in the high school demographic who might have moms who still treat them like children, much to their chagrin.

If you want to check out an Old Spice effort on the right side of the weirdness line, go ahead and watch this Watermelon one below…

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