There have been rumors about Matt Bomer’s sexuality for years now, but the current White Collar and former Chuck star never directly addressed them. Rather than deny or verify, he always commented on his home life by saying it was rewarding and private. This past weekend, he was honored at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards for his efforts to fight the spread of HIV/ AIDS, and while formally accepting the New Generation Arts and Activism Award, he decided to finally clear up the questions in a subtle, professional and touching way.

According to People, the actor thanked each of his family members by name: Simon, Kit, Walker and Henry. The Simon in question is his longtime partner Simon Halls who works as a publicist, and Kit, Walker and Henry are the couple’s three children. He went on to further thank them for teaching him about unconditional love and reminded each that their family was his proudest accomplishment.

Coming out is an intensely personal decision. People have the right to do it in whatever manner they so choose. Some go with high profile magazine articles and others do it more quietly by simply acknowledging their families. Clearly, the latter was the route Bomer felt most comfortable, and Pop Blend applauds him for taking the step.

I like thinking about Bomer’s almost unfair handsomeness coming home to a loving family everyday, and I wish the entire clan nothing but the best as they all continue to move forward as a unit.

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