There’s bad days at work, and then there’s forgetting the parking break on your work vehicle and doing expensive damage to it. The FedEx employee in the above video was out delivering packages when his vehicle rolled backwards. It continued halfway down the block but luckily, went into someone's front yard before any more damage could be done. At base level, this is the story we see in a minute's time, but breaking it down makes it way more entertaining.

First, lets address the best part of this video, the dogs. Their reactions to the entire thing tell the story we don’t see off JW’s security camera.

fedex arrives

When the FedEx driver rolls past the camera you see the dogs pause, tails wagging as they see the driver exit the car.

tails wag

Then the car starts to roll and they’re like “Oh no no no no no no..."

Truck rolls the black dog leaps over the white:

dog jump

Then they have a brief battle, as if to decide who is going to get help and who is going to alert the driver to his problem.


After fisticuffs, the white dog sprints to inform the master while the black one barks and alerts the driver that his car is moving. The brown dog is just there to observe, and is pretty apathetic to the whole situation.


As the car rolls into the yard, black dog realizes he has successfully caught the attention of the driver, while the white dog returns to the action, realizing that, as a dog, he has no grasp of the human language and can’t convey the gravity of the situation to the master.

All this is happening simultaneously as the driver attempts to Hulk out and I guess stop the car by tugging on the door with all his might. He ends up opening it just enough for a tree to invert it back onto itself, and no he won’t be able to close that on the way back to the shipping facility. But there's still reason for optimism! Considering that van went down a hill in a well populated neighborhood midday, through an intersecting street with no stop sign, and narrowly between the goalposts of a tree and home, he’s lucky that’s the only thing he hit! Hopefully FedEx took this into consideration before they evaluated his job status.

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