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A woman from San Jose, California is being held in jail without bail this evening after police claim she walked into a Starbucks and swapped out two Evolution Fresh orange juice bottles in a display case for two similar-looking ones that were later found to contain a “lethal quantity” of rubbing alcohol. It’s unclear why she allegedly tried to poison random Starbucks customers, or whether she planned to stay to watch it happen, but authorities are crediting a random citizen who spoke up for potentially saving lives.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the incident in question occurred on Monday at a Starbucks in San Jose. Fifty-year-old Ramineh Behbehanian allegedly entered the establishment around 3:45 PM with a Starbucks bag filled with two bottles of Evolution Fresh orange juice. She allegedly swapped two bottles in a display case for two bottles in her bag. None of the employees saw what she did, but one customer did and immediately alerted the manager, who inspected the bottles and found a “toxic smell” emanating from them. The police were phoned immediately, and one of the employees ran outside and was able to jot Behbehanian’s number down, allowing police to track her almost immediately.

Apart from horrific acts of terror, there are few crimes more worrisome to the general public and to authorities than those geared at random citizens. Those are by far the hardest to prevent because they’re so hard to see coming. Hopefully, the San Jose Police Department will be able to quickly determine exactly what happened and why it happened and make sure it never happens again.

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