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Following a slew of negative headlines and bad press from snowmobile rider Caleb Moore’s recent death, ESPN released a statement this morning saying Moto X Best Trick and Snowmobile Best Trick have been pulled from the X Games. The two events have provided more than their share of wonderful highlight reel moments over the years, but unfortunately, they’ve also provided more than their share of disturbing crashes.

Earlier this year, Moore famously suffered a fatal injury when he under-rotated his snowmobile on a backflip, but even prior to that horrific event, other riders had broken numerous bones in both Moto X and Snowmobile Best Trick including Pink’s husband Carey Hart. In fact, many pessimists thought for years that it was only a matter of time before a deadly crash happened.

According to ESPN, both sports were under review prior to Moore’s death. The network would have fans believe one is not directly related to the other, but obviously, the tragic accident at least accelerated the pace at which the two dangerous sports were given their walking papers.

Here’s a portion of ESPN’s official statement…
"Nobody can eliminate risk in its entirety, but what we can do is focus on providing world-class events that are as safe and organized as possible."

There has always been a feeling among some that snowmobiling especially doesn’t have quite enough high level competitions and years under its belt to be efficient and safe. Obviously, its biggest supporters disagree with that assessment, but until something fundamentally changes, the trick portion of the event will be left on the cutting room floor.