While the New York Islanders will remain the New York Islanders, their home territory is changing as the team announced this week that they've agreed to move from Long Island's Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where they've played for four decades, to Brooklyn's Barclay's Center. They'll share the $1 billion arena with the New York Nets.

ESPN posted the news, stating that the Islanders have secured a 25-year agreement to play at Barclay's Center, starting with the 2015-2016 season. So, assuming the players get back on the ice once this lockout ends, those fans who want to see the Islanders play at Nassau Coliseum should still be able to, as the team's lease at the Uniondale, NY venue doesn't expire until after the 2014-2015 season.

From what ESPN reports, Barclays Center would only hold 14,500 seats for hockey, which is down from the Coliseum's 16,234 seats, but given that the average attendance last season was 13,191, that may not be an issue, especially when you consider that many Long Island residents might not be up for the commute to Brooklyn to catch a game. Those who are might consider public transportation to get there, as the Barclays Center is accessible by numerous subway lines and the LIRR, as well as a number of bus lines.

The name and logo will stay the same. Brooklyn isn't exactly represented in the island portion of the logo, but since the team remains in New York, it seems there's no reason to make the drastic adjustment of changing the name or logo. So no NY Brooklynders, I guess, and holding onto the familiar name and logo seems like the right move. Just the thought of a new Islanders logo gives me a sudden craving for fish sticks. (90's flashback!).

Some of my best sports-related memories took place at the Nassau Coliseum. My father had seasons tickets when I was a kid and it was always a thrill to get to see the Islanders play (especially if they were going up against the Rangers). I'll admit, it's been years since I've been to a game, but knowing the Islanders are set to move to Brooklyn has me thinking it might be time to make one last pilgrimage to the Coliseum to catch the Islanders in their old home before they move.

Photo via Daily News.

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