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Just six months after his famous ex-wife died with drugs in her system, pop star Bobby Brown has checked into rehab. The forty-three-year-old seemingly had his longtime battle with drugs and alcohol under control until about a month and a half after Whitney’s death when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in the middle of the afternoon. Clearly, that traffic stop was indicative of a larger problem.

According to Radar Online, his stay was announced by his wife and manager Alicia Etheredge who says her husband is responding very well to the treatment for his alcoholism. If all goes well, Brown should be able to get back on the road with his buddies from New Edition in just a few short months. Rumor has it they were instrumental in getting him to check into the facility; so, his progress must be especially comforting to them.

With one parent already gone far too soon, Bobbi Kristina Brown deserves a father who is around for as long as possible. There’s no reason why Bobby can’t accomplish as much, but in order to do so, he needs to get on the straight and narrow and start making healthy choices.

Here’s to hoping this stay in rehab is exactly what Brown needs to kick the demons to the curb once and for all. There’s no greater high than making people smile, and with his voice, Brown can cheer up thousands at once.

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