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Amazon AutoRip Now Includes MP3s For Eligible Vinyl Record Purchases

Whether you currently purchase CDs through Amazon, or you ever did at any point since 1998, Amazon's AutoRip feature certainly has its benefits. For one thing, those of us who maybe didn't take the best care of the CDs we bought from Amazon, or who've lost them over the years have access to digital versions of some of the albums we paid for more than a decade ago. And for another, it's an incentive to purchase the CD version of an album now.

Amazon's AutoRip Offers Free MP3 Version With Some CDs, Includes Past Purchases

If you bought a CD from at any point since 1998, you may be in for a treat. introduced their new AutoRip feature, which offers customers a free MP3 version of the CD they purchased (limited to certain albums). That in itself may not be cause to celebrate, especially if you stopped buying CDs years ago, but the feature works retroactively, which means if you purchased an AutoRip-compatible CD from at any point in the last fifteen years, you should have a digital version waiting for you on your Amazon cloud player right now.

Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney And Abba MP3 Albums On Sale For $1.99 Or Less At Amazon Today

Those who get most, if not all, of their music from iTunes may be unaware that occasionally offers amazing deals for mp3 albums. Just the other day, we pointed you in the direction of the Les Miserables highlights soundtrack, which Amazon is (still) offering for the low price of $5.00 to purchase/download. Today the online store is offering a number of popular albums for even less than that.

Amazon Has Begun Deleting Reviews From Fans And Family

Amazon has a dirty little secret: The website may be deleting your book reviews. News broke Saturday that family member reviewers or reviews of writers by other writers are all getting bumped from the website, among reviews written under other circumstances. It’s a crackdown meant to take action against those writing false or misleading reviews, but it has spawned a debate concerning whether or not the website’s actions are appropriate.

Amazon's Cyber Monday Kindle Fire Deal: Should You Get A Kindle?

It's Cyber Monday! Some of you may be scrambling to snatch up every amazing deal or, like me, you're finding yourself constantly having to talk yourself out of "amazing" deals for things you don't really need. I've sworn off for the day (probably not really), but for those who may be enticed by the site's FIREDEAL, which takes $30 off the Kindle Fire tablet, here are a few things to consider about Amazon's Kindle.

Kindle And Audible's Whispersync For Voice Review: The Best Of Both Worlds

As though I didn't already love my Kindle enough, Amazon comes up with Whispersync for Voice, a feature that speaks loud and clear to those of us who love to listen to our books as much as we love to read them. Those readers with busy work schedules and other responsibilities don't always have the option to read as much as we'd like. We find time when we can to get a few pages in.

Amazon Likely To Produce Kindle With Front Lighting

Now, is playing catch-up with the company’s own e-reading device. In the past, Amazon Kindle users have had to attach a light to the Kindle in order to read in the hours after dusk All of that is about to change, thanks to a new Kindle model set to hit the market (likely) in July. The brand new version of the device will come with a front lit screen.

Amazon Prime Offering Harry Potter E-Books To Rent

If you want an electronic copy of the Harry Potter books, you still have to use the Pottermore website, but if reading each of the books once is your only goal, Amazon Prime might be your best option. Earlier today, the online juggernaut signed a deal which will allow its Kindle lending library to offer copies of the series in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish to all Amazon Prime customers.

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